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Immunized against the Eschaton

Are you prepared for objective reality?



Non US-based propaganda?

The article is from Techdirt

Huawei's Military Links Raise Concerns In India
Contributed by Carlo on Friday, August 19th, 2005 @ 03:20PM

from the we-want-you-as-a-new-recruit dept.

Chinese telecom upstart Huawei, which has had a hard time breaking into some markets for cultural reasons, has hit a new barrier in India. Om Malik reports the company's ties to the Chinese government and military are seen as a threat to India's strategic telecommunications network -- a big enough threat that the Indian government has put a hold on Huawei's operations there. Huawei has strong ties to China's government and military, as its founder is a former army officer whose background helped the company win military contracts during its early years. These connections could become a bigger factor as the company works to break into more western markets, as evidenced by previous deals with Chinese companies that got hung up by political or security concerns.

the company's ties to the Chinese government and military are seen as a threat to India's strategic telecommunications network

Rather, is it more disconcerting to the financial elite's interests? Apparently most of the serious research into computer telecoms resides in India, how could they be so worried about an outside company coming in and compromising their networks? While Hauwei Tech does seem to have a large share of the market on switches and other network communiques, could they be so advanced as to be able to slime into India's sensitive networks.

I don't think so, and I'm betting the reason given above is mere propaganda for the Indian citizens. But then again, I often wear a tinfoil hat. The PTB love to whip the citizenry up into a fervor over nationalistic claims of the Red Threat. And America isn't the only place where propaganda is fed to the people...



Cops caught on tape beating shoplifters

From Yahoo

CHICAGO - Two Chicago Police officers have been charged with battery and official misconduct after one allegedly punched a suspected shoplifter and the other was accused of yanking a 14-year-old girl's ponytail after suspecting her of shoplifting, the police superintendent said Wednesday.

Both incidents were caught on store surveillance cameras while officers were questioning the suspects, Police Superintendent Philip Cline said.

"Based on what I saw, the offender posed no immediate threat to the safety of the officers or others in the room," Cline said. He said the officers' behavior was "unacceptable."

Larry Guy and Alexandra Martinez, both 11-year veterans of the department, were charged Tuesday with battery and official misconduct. Guy also was charged with attempting to obstruct justice.

Martinez allegedly slapped and pulled the ponytail of the teenage girl suspected of shoplifting at a J.C. Penney store in April. Guy allegedly punched and shoved a 21-year-old man suspected of shoplifting at a Target store in June. [...]

The misconduct charge is a felony punishable by up to 5 years in prison, and the other charges are misdemeanors, each punishable by up to a year in prison.

Cline has also started proceedings to fire the two officers. [...]

For a long time now the police in Amerika have been increasingyly violent and dangerous to society. They no longer behave within the standards of civil society, and most believe this behavior is warranted, to protect the safety of the officer. But when a case comes along where they actually are caught on camera, it is proven that even when their is no immediate threat they still could not conduct themselves professionally. It's situations like this that can stamp out the "Good Ole Boys" network in police work, where cops won't turn other cops in for their dangerous actions towards the same people they are supposed to be protecting. When there is no way to deny the facts, the higher ups must do something.

God only knows how many times this has occurred without it being caught on camera!! I'm sure many people have stories of cops who have gone beyond the laws that they are supposed to be enforcing. I know I do!!



The secrets of mercenary work in Iraq

This is a short snippet of an article from the NY Times Magazine. It is a long entry, but like I always say, well worth the time to acclimate yourself to some of the hidden realities in Iraq...

The Other Army

Transporting firearms from the United States required legal documents that the company couldn't wait for; instead, in Iraq, it got Department of Defense permission to visit the dumping grounds of captured enemy munitions. The company took mounds of AK-47's and culled all that were operable.

So Triple Canopy had vehicles and it had assault rifles, and when it needed cash in Iraq, to pay employees or buy equipment or build camps, it dispatched someone from Chicago, the company's home, with a rucksack filled with bricks of hundred-dollar bills. ''All the people in Iraq had to say is, 'We need a backpack,''' Mann said. ''Or, 'We need two backpacks.''' Each pack held half a million dollars.

And in this way, one of the largest private security companies in Iraq was born. In this way, Triple Canopy went off to war. Plenty of other companies have done the same, some that were more established before the American invasion, some less. The firms employ, in Iraq, a great number of armed men. No one knows the number exactly. In Baghdad in June, in a privately guarded coalition compound in the Green Zone, I talked with Lawrence Peter, a paid advocate for the industry and -- in what he called a ''private-public partnership'' -- a consultant to the Department of Defense on outsourced security. He put the number of armed men around 25,000. (This figure is in addition to some 50,000 to 70,000 unarmed civilians working for American interests in Iraq, the largest percentage by way of Halliburton and its subsidiaries, doing everything from servicing warplanes to driving food trucks to washing dishes.)

But the estimates, from industry representatives and the tiny sector of academics who study the issues of privatized war, are so vague that they serve only to confirm the chaos of Iraq and the fact that -- despite an attempt at licensing the firms by the fledgling Iraqi Interior Ministry -- no one is really keeping track of all the businesses that provide squads of soldiers equipped with assault rifles and belt-fed light machine guns. Peter's best guess was that there are 60 companies in all. ''Maybe 80,'' he added quickly, mentioning that there were any number of miniature start-ups. He continued: ''Is it a hundred? Possibly.''


Angry widow calls for new 9/11 panel

U.S. Rep. Curt Weldon revealed the military knew a year before the attacks that four eventual hijackers were here - a fact the Sept. 11 commission omitted from its report.

By PAUL DE LA GARZA, Times Staff Writer

TAMPA - With details emerging Thursday that the Sept. 11 commission omitted crucial information from its final report last year, a group of 9/11 widows called for creation of a new independent panel.

"I'm very disturbed, and I want to get some answers," said Kristen Breitweiser, whose husband, Ronald, died in the World Trade Center. "I want to know what the truth is."

Her organization, the September 11th Advocates, or the Jersey Girls, was instrumental in pushing for creation of the Sept. 11 commission.

On Thursday, the now-disbanded commission became embroiled in controversy, after acknowledging it omitted crucial information about ringleader Mohammed Atta in its final report last summer.

Former commission members planned to issue a "comprehensive statement" Thursday afternoon addressing the latest developments but they balked, saying they were still reviewing documents.

The information about Atta was generated by the U.S. Special Operations Command at MacDill Air Force Base, according to Rep. Curt Weldon, R-Pa.

Weldon said a secret unit created by SOCom discovered a year before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks that Atta and three other future hijackers were in the United States and that they likely were members of al-Qaida.

Weldon said that members of the unit, known as "Able Danger," wanted to share the information with the FBI "to take out the terrorists" but that military lawyers objected because they were here legally.

At SOCom Thursday afternoon, Col. Samuel Taylor, a spokesman, said they were trying to get answers, too.

Taylor said the investigation should not take too long, and that SOCom planned to share the results with the public.

Taylor joined the SOCom commander, Gen. Doug Brown, and other staff and dignitaries at a memorial service to honor special operations forces killed in action.

"The mood here could not be more positive," Taylor said after the brief ceremony.

"The mission is too important."

SOCom manages the nation's secret commando units and has played a central role in the war on terror since Sept. 11.

Weldon has generated headlines because he has lashed out at the Pentagon and the commission over what he perceives as a missed opportunity to foil the Sept. 11 plot.

Weldon says that intelligence sources shared the information about Able Danger and Atta with the commission but that it did not make it into the report.[Me: Essentially Warren Commission, part 2]

In a scathing letter Wednesday to the former co-chairmen of the commission, Weldon said, "The commission's refusal to investigate Able Danger after being notified of its existence, and its recent efforts to feign ignorance of the project while blaming others for supposedly withholding information on it, brings shame on the commissioners."[Me: Or a job promotion]

Early in the week, Al Felzenberg, who had been the commission's chief spokesman, said the panel was unaware of intelligence specifically naming Atta.

But he said subsequent information provided Wednesday confirmed that the commission had been aware of the intelligence.

It did not make it into the final report because the information was not consistent with what the commission knew about Atta's whereabouts before the attacks, he said.

The commission is no longer in existence, although a follow-up organization called the 9/11 Public Discourse Project continues to follow closely the Bush administration's progress in implementing their recommendations.

Citing the latest revelations, Breitweiser, the Sept. 11 widow, called the findings of the Sept. 11 commission "an utterly hollow report."

Me: Indeed, the Commission withheld many crucial facts surrounding that fateful day. That was its purpose. Just like the Warren Commission was set up to deflect from any real investigation into Kennedy's murder, so was the 9-11 Commission set up to protect any information that may implicate the government, and specifically the Bush Administration. Only a large outcry of Americans can change the fate of bush and co. They have lied, yes, but until many are willing to accept that our "leaders" will kill their own people to advance their sick, end-of-times agenda, the only changes we will se will be superficial.


200,000 protesters in Tel Aviv

From French Yahoo

TEL-AVIV (AFP) - Au moins 200.000 manifestants hostiles au retrait de la bande de Gaza se sont mass�s jeudi soir � Tel-Aviv, et les chefs du camp ultra nationaliste en Isra�l leur ont donn� pour consigne de se mobiliser encore pour emp�cher l'�vacuation des colonies de Gaza � partir du 17 ao�t.

"Nous serons physiquement l� bas, d�s lundi, au passage de Kissoufim (entre la bande de Gaza et Isra�l), et nous nous opposerons sans violence au retrait", a affirm� aux manifestants Bentzi Libermann, le chef du Conseil des colonies de Cisjordanie et Gaza (Yesha).

Il a contest� les estimations de la police et parl� d'au moins 250.000 manifestants rassembl�s autour de lui. [...]

Comment: This article explains that there were at least 200,000 people in Tel-Aviv Thursday night protesting the pullout from the Gaza strip. One protestor, the head of the Council of the West Bank and Gaza Colonies, stated that the protestors will peacefully oppose the pullout at Kissoufim starting Monday. He also estimated that the protestors numbered at least 250,000.

More photos can be found here.


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