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Non US-based propaganda?

The article is from Techdirt

Huawei's Military Links Raise Concerns In India
Contributed by Carlo on Friday, August 19th, 2005 @ 03:20PM

from the we-want-you-as-a-new-recruit dept.

Chinese telecom upstart Huawei, which has had a hard time breaking into some markets for cultural reasons, has hit a new barrier in India. Om Malik reports the company's ties to the Chinese government and military are seen as a threat to India's strategic telecommunications network -- a big enough threat that the Indian government has put a hold on Huawei's operations there. Huawei has strong ties to China's government and military, as its founder is a former army officer whose background helped the company win military contracts during its early years. These connections could become a bigger factor as the company works to break into more western markets, as evidenced by previous deals with Chinese companies that got hung up by political or security concerns.

the company's ties to the Chinese government and military are seen as a threat to India's strategic telecommunications network

Rather, is it more disconcerting to the financial elite's interests? Apparently most of the serious research into computer telecoms resides in India, how could they be so worried about an outside company coming in and compromising their networks? While Hauwei Tech does seem to have a large share of the market on switches and other network communiques, could they be so advanced as to be able to slime into India's sensitive networks.

I don't think so, and I'm betting the reason given above is mere propaganda for the Indian citizens. But then again, I often wear a tinfoil hat. The PTB love to whip the citizenry up into a fervor over nationalistic claims of the Red Threat. And America isn't the only place where propaganda is fed to the people...

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